Our Story

Gardenias are my favorite flower. They immediately alter people’s mood with their magnetic, sublime aroma and elegant appearance.   I love living with them surrounding me everyday, as well as using them to celebrate the most formal occasions. They are memorable, exceptionally charming and never fail to make the ordinary extraordinary.


HIGH CAMP SUPPLY was born from the concept that experiences are more valuable than "things", and a deep seeded memory of something lovely is longer lasting than anything someone can buy.  I envisioned creating a brand that celebrates the everyday with ephemeral luxury, “imprinting” a cemented memory for the recipient.


My love of gardenias inspired our signature product, the High Camp Gardenia Vine and Bloom box. Gardenias had never shipped successfully en-masse by air, which is the reason at High Camp we worked for months, shipping flowers to ourselves until we perfected the process. Today we are the only company in the US to ship direct to consumer cut-to-order vines and blooms from our California farms. Gardenias are a treasured favorite, and the response has been wonderfully overwhelming.  Customers reach out on a daily basis to speak with us about the joy the package brought to their home or their loved ones, and wanting to share the memories evoked.  Educating the consumer that they can now have the fragile, precious flower they desire year-round, in home or wherever they may find themselves anywhere in the United States is a joy.


Fall in love with your life.

X - Susan Hanson


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