How To Love Your Gardenias


HIGH CAMP gardenias are grown with love and packaged with care in premium, glossy, water-resistant gift boxes to minimize exposure to light and air. They are picked and shipped the same day and arrive next day. It is NORMAL for gardenias to arrive a bit SLEEPY and THIRSTY. Simply mist with cool water and place stems into water.

Gardenias are nature’s most fragrant flowers and their beauty is only enhanced when enjoyed in groupings. Enjoy your gardenias in any casually elegant setting as often as possible. Once you smell the unrivaled aroma you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

Blooms The “simple treasures” blooms arrive without leaves or stems and are lovely en masse in bowls, vases and any vessel that holds water. Be sure to avoid touching the petals with hands as they will brown-simply grab the blooms by the stems only and place them face up into 1-2 inches of water. Mist with water if they need to be refreshed. The blooms should last for 3-4 days and provide a continuous fragrance that is singular to gardenias. Enjoy the beauty of the blooms in one large grouping or divide them among smaller vessels to spread around your home.
Vine Gardenias The “vine gardenias” arrive with 8-10 inch vines with tight blooms that blossom over 2-3 days and have the same heavenly aroma as the simple blooms. Blossoms may be cut from vines and placed floating in water in other vessels to double the impact!“Vine gardenias” should be trimmed immediately and placed in cool water in a clean vessel or vase. The luscious green and waxy leaves will continue to provide a pleasing bouquet long after the blooms have gone. Simply remove the browning blooms and let the shiny leaves of the vines flourish.
Cement the memories of a joyful life with the sensual smell of gardenias. Meet us at HIGH CAMP and experience higher ground! Live sparkly!!

-wish you were here!
xoxo, high camp