High Camp Supply is the only company in the country that ships vine gardenias on the stem. We are now proud to offer a new Event Box, which includes 100 gardenias shipped in our signature glossy, water-resistant packaging. Each order can be customized as needed for your wedding. Whether you want all vine gardenias or all blooms, or a mix of both, the Event Box is perfect to suit your needs. Grown with love exclusively on their California farms, the chic white flowers enhance any special moment with their unique aroma. Use this box alongside your florist to set the mood. The vine gardenias are perfect to build your dream wedding arch, decorate table centerpieces or lay flat for that garland look. Blooms are great for place settings, floating in glassware for creative cocktails, or thrown across a lake or filling a pool. Scatter them down the aisle or have guests throw them in the air! $350 a box with $50 shipping.